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Renting an Office in Qatar

Qatar is quickly becoming one of the most sought after countries in the region for investors and is becoming a valuable place for a business to start up or open. While the country’s economy is mainly based on oil and gas production and export, the Qatari government is working hard on introducing new ventures to the country, with projects in the construction, real estate and tourism sectors in full gear. Many international companies have set up offices in Doha, which is the capital, and the economic centre of Qatar, all which fuel investor interest. Qatar has all the makings of a metropolitan city, with lavish shopping malls, luxury hotels and leisure activities all available. In addition to that, Qatar offers a number of properties for rent available to expats, making sure that their transition is as smooth and as comfortable as possible.

If you’re looking to enter the Qatari market, establishing a business in Doha is the easiest way. It will also pave the way to entering the entire GCC region as well. Keep in mind that it is mandatory to have an office in Qatar to be able to trade in the country, and the company needs to be registered by the municipality before you can start running your business.

Doha remains the hub of the commercial activity in Qatar with many projects still underway as preparation for the 2022 FIFA World Cup continue, and finding offices for rent in Qatar is becoming much easier. For international businesses that are looking to flourish, finding offices for rent in West Bayis highly recommended for business, as it is the central business site in Doha. It allows for easy access to all other areas in the city, and is home to most of the governmental and business offices. West Bay is also home to many hotels, restaurants and shopping centres.

West Bay Buildings
Office space in Doha

West Bay remains the commercial hub of the city

Moreover, Qatar is seeing developments in other areas as well, specifically Lusail, where you can also find modern and brand new offices for rent. Lusail has been dubbed ‘the Future City of Qatar’ and is widely considered to be a smart and sustainable city. Many businesses are choosing to move to that area, and developers are certainly keeping an eye out on this city.

When looking offices for rent in Qatar, keep in mind that prices will vary according to location, the requirements you desire and the services that are provided. Remember that foreigners are allowed to invest in businesses in the country but the major shareholder must be a national. When renting an office in Doha, the upkeep of the building is looked after by a management company or directly by the owner. This means that any repairs, maintenance or other needs required are handled by those parties, which can easily save you time and money. As always, make sure that the required paperwork and documents are readily available and are on hand in order to sign the agreement with least amount of hassle.

Think of the setting where your business will thrive the most in Qatar, and depending on that, the location choice should come easily. Wherever you end up renting your office in the country, it will surely be beneficial for your future.