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Living in Barwa City

Moving to a new is a big step, and because the numbers of ever-arriving people in Qatar keeps increasing, the Government of Qatar and real estate developers continue to create and create housing projects that are suitable for different lifestyles and backgrounds. Housing accommodation in Qatar range from apartment buildings to lavish and large compounds, which are developed to accommodate the specific needs of residents from all over the world.

While many expats choose to find property for rent in Doha or rent a villa in Dohawhen relocating to Qatar, there are some areas that are away from the country’s capital that are also available for finding housing options. Barwa is one of those areas that offer residents a variety of apartment rentals at very convenient prices.

About a ten minute drive from Doha, and Hamad International Airport, Barwa city is located on the north western part of Qatar. Barwa City is home to modern houses designed in a contemporary setting, and is perfect for community living and people looking for peace and quiet, away from the commotion of the busy city.

The area is made up of 6,000 apartments in over 100 buildings, across lush green grass and surroundings. Apartments for rent in Barwa City offer residents a homey and cozy housing experience and residents can expect to become a part of a close knit community as well. Apartment rentals in Barwa City provide studio, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, all in a modern and fresh style.

Barwa City Housing
Commercial Complex in Barwa City

Apartments for Rent in Barwa City

Barwa City is well liked by its residents, as it offers quiet and peaceful living environment, and is especially popular with families. There are a number of international schools in the area, with different curriculums for your children. And while it is a little further away from Doha, Barwa City has all the makings of a small city, with shopping malls, restaurants and more to offer its residents. Other areas in Qatar are also within easy access from Barwa City.

Barwa City is an up and coming area, with a lot of projects underway. When complete, the development will also feature international schools, nurseries, retail outlets, a bank, health club, mosques, restaurants and a variety of recreational facilities. The area offers a unique family living experience, especially with the added safety and security that housing in Barwa City offers, and allows residents and expats to easily create bond and create friendships with like-minded tenants. One of the biggest advantages of finding apartments for rent in Barwa City is the peace of mind and quite atmosphere it offers, in addition of course, to beautiful green landscaping that is somewhat rare to find in Qatar.

Keep in mind that while renting an apartment in Barwa City will give you peace of mind, it is also a little out of the way, so securing transportation is essential to get around.

Looking for property for rent in Qatar as opposed to just in the vicinity of Doha is increasingly becoming an option for residents who are looking for a more family oriented and calm living experience, but can still access all the action that takes place in the main city.