Villas for rent in Al Thumama

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Villas for rent in Al Thumama

Qatar is gaining a reputation as a family friendly country and that is attracting many families from all across the world to move to Qatar and settle down in the county. The family friendly atmosphere as well as the career development opportunities and high wages are all factors that draws expats to Qatar. And with the expansion that the country is witnessing, the government is putting a major effort in order to cater to the needs of these residents, especially when it comes to housing options. Properties for rent in Qatar range from apartments to villas, and there is never a shortage of units available for rent in Qatar.

Doha, the capital of Qatar, remains the most heavily populated city in the country, and is the number of one choice for residents to find housing. Properties for rent in Doha are always on the rise, especially with the number of new development projects that are continuously being developed in the city. Doha is the hub of the country, with most of the major financial and commercial offices located there, as well as malls, restaurant, cafes, five star hotels and more.

When moving with a family, most residents will look for villas for rent in Doha, as the facilities and extra space is very convenient for families, especially with young children around. Villas rentals in Doha will usually include 3 bedrooms, however, you can find houses with upwards of five rooms for those who need the space. Most houses will have a private yard or garden, which will come in handy when entertaining guests, and for the children to play in.

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Compound in Doha

Villas are perfect for families

Finding compounds for rent in Doha is one of the most popular housing options for expats, as compounds offer a chance for residents to get to know the community around them, as well as utilize the facilities and amenities offered in a compound; this usually includes a swimming pool, a fitness centre and a club house. Living in a compound will make it easier for neighbors to form friendship and life lasting bonds with people who share the same values and values.

One area that is popular with families is Al Thumama, which offers villas for rent at an affordable price range. Located in the heart of Doha, Al Thumama is located near to Old Airport area, and is well liked by expat families, as it has easy access to many schools and nurseries. There are a number of schools in the area, which is very convenient for residents with children, as well as malls, restaurants and cafes in the area as well. Villas for rent in Al Thumama are considered more budget friendly, with a two bedroom area starting at QAR 8,000 a month.

In addition to compounds in the area, there are also a number of stand alone villas for rent in Al Thumama, and villas for rent in Al Hamraa Street, Al Thumama are spacious and can include 5 bedrooms. If you are looking for a family friendly area with affordable rentals, then Al Thumama are an option for you!