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Al Thumama property for sale

A well- known neighborhood of Doha, Qatar, Al Thumama is a an area that consists of various properties for sale. As rents have been in an increase in the city, many residents have relocated to other districts looking for cheaper accommodations. Some also search for quality developments in hope of buying property instead of renting. To buy Property for sale in Al Thumama is definitely a much better alternative to renting property. The area offers makes it a care free task for as it offers a wide array of units for you to choose from, plus prices that are very much affordable and of great value for money.

Also, this area is actually where many expats receive government appointed accommodations, that goes for families, couples and single working professionals as well. Al Thumama is one of five sites that are for the government-sponsored project, which aims to develop reservoirs in the country. It is set to be one of the largest and best in the world, n itis category, upon completion. All these features about the neighborhood, prove that property for sale in Al Thumama are among the best options to settle for in the city.

Great Properties for Sale in Al Thumama
Al Thumama property for sale

Settling in Al Thumama Properties for Sale

The area has received much popularity and has seen much increase in the population over the years; as a census of 2010 shows that Al Thumama comprised of 124 establishments and about 3,451 housing units. There were all in all 16,596 people living in the settlement with the larger majority being employed persons; more than 63% of the entire population. Now of course, the area is much more populous, and is still growing as more and more people are attracted to its properties.

Having the majority of residents within this neighborhood working professionals, means that Al Thumama properties for sale are convenient homes for life in the city. The area is best for work and living as it is positioned near all the business districts and many of the companies in the capital as well. When many of these business offer accommodation for their staff, or even the government, it is mostly within Al Thumama. As for other cases, professionals also prefer to live in houses in Thumama for their central location and convenience of access around. Also, at this rich setting, Commercial Properties for sale in Al Thumama are just as opportune as the residential properties.

When choosing a home from those available in the development, there is a choice of the villas and apartments in Al Thumama. The villas are mostly stand- alone units and other are in modern stylish compounds as well. There are also apartments in Al Thumama that are beautifully designed with contemporary structures and interiors for further options.