Villas for Sale in Al Khor

Those who are looking to settle down in Qatar for the long run can now take advantage of law changes and look for properties for sale in Qatar. The laws in Qatar now state that foreign ownership is now permitted in certain areas, making it possible for you to invest in the ever growing country of Qatar. This is all part of the government's effort to encourage the ongoing investment in the country, in order to keep the development projects constant.

Because of the fast pace development that the country is witnessing, residents from all over the world are choosing to move to Qatar and are taking advantage of new job opportunities and at time, investment projects as well. As a result, efforts are underway to provide different types of housing options all over the country, so residents can easily find the apartment or villa that they feel comfortable living in while in Qatar, which subsequently has created an increased interest in the real estate sector. Naturally, residents mainly still look for properties for rent in Qatar, but others are taking advantage of the ownership laws and investing in properties for sale in Qatar. villas or apartments as purchases.

Al Khor beach
Al Khor Villas

Al Khor offers a serene and quiet living environment

As a part of the country's expansion, Al Khor has witnessed an increase in development and the addition of projects ranging from housing, hotels, restaurants and cafes, as well as schools, health centres and more. Al Khor is a municipality in the state Qatar; Al Khor City is located in the northeast coast of Qatar, around 60 kilometres from Doha, and is now considered to be one of the major cities in the country. The city is well known for its part in the Qatar's pearling industry in the past, as well as its harbour which is filled with fishing boats and small crafts. The calmness and serenity that Al Khor offers is a far contrast to the bright lights of Doha, which many like to escape and choose to invest in. Thankfully, there are a number of properties for sale in Al Khor for you to consider.

Whether you are looking to purchase a home as an investment or for you to live in, most residents tend to look for villas for sale in Qatar, especially when they are moving with a family. This is largely due to the extra space and facilities that come with a house in Qatar, as most offer a front yard or a garden for you to enjoy. This is especially beneficial as the children can play safely and as well for you to entertain guests and family. And villas for sale in Al Khor surely offer all that and more. Al Khor offers villas for sale in both compounds and as stand alone houses, and the homes on offer range between three to five bedroom houses, and are usually sold as unfinished properties.

As with all property purchases in Qatar, it is always advisable to consult with a real estate lawyer or legal office to ensure that all your paperwork and legal forms are correct, leading to a hassle free purchasing experience.