Villas for sale in Qatar

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    25.3985453, 51.4521718
  • 25.2310097, 51.5504329
  • 25.4889349, 51.3982170

    Deal Today!Spacious SAV Villa for SALE!

    Umm Al Amad, Umm Al Amad, Al Shamal
    2,200,000 QAR
    Villa 6 5 410 sqm
  • 25.2692576, 51.5294645

    Stand Alone 2 Villas For Sale In Mamourah

    Al Mansoura, Al Mansoura, Doha
    7,500,000 QAR
    Villa 6 6 1,200 sqm
  • 25.2241068, 51.4698086

    Brand New Stand Alone Villa For Sale .

    Umm Al Seneem Street, Ain Khaled, Doha
    5,500,000 QAR
    Villa 6 6 700 sqm
  • 25.4218499, 51.4769381

    For sale Brand New Villa In Al kheesa

    Al Keesa Gate, Al Kheesa, Umm Salal Mohammad
    2,950,000 QAR
    Villa 6 6 525 sqm
  • 25.3262520, 51.1938697

    Huge stand alone villa for sale west bay

    West Bay Villas, West Bay, West Bay, Doha
    7,500,000 QAR
    Villa 7 1,000 sqm
  • 25.257828, 51.446378
  • 25.2394944, 51.4991534

    New 11BR Twin villa 4 sale in Abu hamour

    Bu Hamour Street, Abu Hamour, Doha
    7,000,000 QAR
    Villa 7+ 815 sqm
  • 25.2398049, 51.4976084


    Bu Hamour Street, Abu Hamour, Doha
    11,500,000 QAR
    Villa 7+ 1,250 sqm
  • 25.3357941, 51.2045556

    Sophisticated Stand Alone Villa For Sale

    Ain Khalid Gate, Ain Khalid Gate, Ain Khaled, Doha
    4,000,000 QAR
    Villa 5 7+ 450 sqm

Villa in Qatar

For those who settle down in Qatar for the long run, buying a villa in Qatar is a valid option. While most expats choose to rent during their time here, there has been an increase in the number of residents who are choosing to buy a villa in Qatar. One of the most important factors to remember is that buying property in Qatar automatically grants you a residency, which is also applicable to your family members. However, once the property is sold, the residency is canceled.


With more and more areas opening up for foreigners purchase in Qatar, many expats are making the jump and beginning to purchase villas in Qatar. While this is an exciting move, there are a number of factors to consider before doing so. Of course, budget is the number one factor that comes to mind, as well as location, space and style. When living with your family in Qatar, the best investment for you would be a villa, and thankfully, there is never of shortage of villas for sale in Qatar. It is expected that by 2022, an additional 74,000 residential units will become available in Qatar, and while the majority of those units are apartments, you can easily see the increase of villas available for purchase in Qatar. Space will most certainly not be an issue, as you can buy a villa in Qatar with as much as 5 bedrooms, although usually, you will find villas with 2 or 3 bedrooms easily available.

Villa in Qatar
Villa for Sale in Al Sadd - Qatar

The Pear and West Bay Lagoon offer a variety of luxurious villas for sale

There are a number of areas where you can buy a villa in Qatar, mainly Lusail, Al Sadd area, The Pearl and West Bay Lagoon and Airport area. One of the most popular areas in terms of villas for purchase in Qatar is Al Waab, where you will find the majority of houses available for purchase are within a compound. It is a heavily populated area, attracting families largely due to the facilities on offer, such as a gym, pool, and playground, as well as its location. With easy access to schools, malls and health centers, it remains one of the most popular areas for families.


Going a bit further away from the city, you will find West Bay Lagoon, which is a very serene waterfront area, where you can find luxurious and lavish villas for sale. This also includes standalone villas and closed compound living. The villas on offer are high end and some even offer a small private beach as well. Adjacent to West Bay Lagoon is The Pearl, which is considered to be the pinnacle of luxury living in Qatar. Villas for sale in The Pearl are some of the most expensive you will find, as the area is largely considered to be a landmark in Qatar. With stunning views, a marina, a high number of restaurants, shops and entertainment facilities, buying a villa in the Pearl is certainly a worthwhile investment.


Qatar is certainly a prime example of a booming country, and with the high number of investment opportunities and development projects underway, buying a villa in Qatar is only one way to make an investment for your future.