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Investing in properties for sale in Qatar is now a viable option for expats, especially for those who are looking to settle down in the country for the long run, or those who are looking for a business opportunity in the thriving country. As Qatar is currently in the midst of preparing for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, it is highly dependent on continuous investment projects in the country, and as a part of that, the real estate market is playing a huge role. With that in mind, it has now become easier for expats to invest in the market and own properties in Qatar.

It is evident that with the country’s booming future, that owning property in Qatar is a lucrative deal; but in addition to that, homeowners are also entitled to a residency, which is also extended to your family members. The areas where foreign ownership is permitted are limited to freehold zones, but these areas are diverse and offer different properties for sale around the country.

Umm Salal Ali is a village located on the Eastern side of Qatar in the municipality of Umm Salal, about 10 km from the coast and 15 km north of Doha. The word ‘Ali’ was added to the village name in reference to a member of the royal and ruling family, who owned a lot of land in the area. While Umm Salal Ali is located away from the hustle and bustle of Doha, the capital, it is still a well-liked area, as it is quiet and peaceful
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Villas in Umm Salal Ali

Umm Salal Ali offers spacious homes for sale

Most of the villas for sale in Umm Salal Ali are large homes, usually including about five or six bedrooms, as well as a traditional majles as well. These properties are ideal for families who are looking to be in a serene setting. Most of these homes are stand-alone villas, which are perfect for complete privacy. These homes are also great for children to have enough space to run around and play safely, so they are very family friendly.

There is also a number of land for sale in Umm Salal Ali, and they are ideal land plots for those who want to build their own property. With all of the expansion and development that is taking place in Qatar, purchasing land for investment purposes is certainly a smart decision, especially as the market continues to be active, and the country continues to develop and add more and more projects to its pipeline.

If you are considering buying property in Qatar, make sure you check the property in question with the Doha Municipality or the Ministry of Justice’s Real Estate Registration Department, and they will be able to confirm that the property is available for sale. A reputable real estate agent or legal office will certainly be of help when going through this process, as there are certain rules and regulations that you must follow when it comes to registering and completing the process of payments.

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